Mobile Website with Click to Call and Click to Navigate Features

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25july, 2014
Mobile Website with Click to Call and Click to Navigate Features

Does having a "Click to Call" and a "Click to Navigate" button really make all that much of a difference on a mobile website? They most definitely do, which is why integrating both into the site should be of supreme importance to online marketers.

Mobile websites are growing enormously in popularity. The reason for this is not exactly difficult to figure out. More and more consumers are performing mobile searches and buying from businesses they come across in their "travels". These are people who are busy and on the go all the time. Waiting until they arrive home to pull up a website and go shopping just might not be convenient.

A savvy entrepreneur is going to publish the perfect mobile website capable of grabbing all that "on the go" visitor traffic. Capturing attention, however, is not enough. The website also has to stimulate some direct action on the part of the visitor.

The two button features delivers a simple path to that direct action.

Click to Call

With the "Click to Call" feature, one simple push of the button affords the potential customer the ability to get in contact with you without any extra steps. One simple click gets the phone ringing. Listing a phone number is "okay", but the customer has to go through extra steps - never a good thing when you want an immediate reaction from someone looking to make a purchase. Weaving a single Click to Call button is far, far better.

Click to Navigate

Sometimes, a phone call is not enough. The consumer might have to head to your location to conduct business. How is he or she going to find the place? The short answer is clicking on the "Click to Navigate" feature.

Once the feature button is engaged, no one should have any trouble whatsoever locating the establishment. Clear and succinct direction are provided immediately. As far as helpful and interesting features go, this one is top-notch.

Take your mobile website to the next best level - integrate these two call features immediately!

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